Cocktails & Cockrings™️

J for Jezebel’s twist on “passion parties” could be described as a soirée of “Enticing, Sexy Demonstrations and Insightful Conversation”. Cocktails and light appetizers will accompany a game of cards and the classic game of truth or dare. This combination brings laughter and thrills, which sets the tone for an “educational” session. Choose one that speaks to you the most:

  • “Blow Job 101”
  • “Easing Your Way Into Anal”
  • “Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom”

Be open minded, because this party will reveal inner thoughts that have yet to be said out-loud.

Depending on the guests, the experience will be tailored to your personal tastes and wants. We have a variety of sex toys, aphrodisiacs, lingerie, and educational dialogue that ensure to boost you and your lover’s sexual level. If you happen to have a media room, we have a selection of soft porn films that will surely satisfy your visual appetite.  

            **Vegan and Gluten-Free Options Available
Email: or call 845-669-0244 for more information and menu pricing**

**Travel limited to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania**