It's been a minute! Between Covid and just plain life has caused me to take a hiatus from blogging. Fast forward to having a conversation with a male friend who was in a state of anger and confusion. What let to these two extreme emotions you ask? 

WET ASS PUSSY. Yes. WET PUSSY. Emphasis on the WET. Not Cardi's or Megan's. Just wet pussy at ALL times. and I'm like "my dude" "Wet Allllll the time?!" Please explain! 

So apparently the last couple females he's dealt with had little to no lubrication. Interesting. And I'm thinking what were you doing?!?! Because it most certainly is a 2 way street. And I got my ladies back!!!!! Were you just jamming it in?! Foreplay?? So he explains. And wait. Good looking guy. Clean, Swaggg on 100%, Smart guy. Funny. Always been respectful and just do shit that men are supposed to do!!! & I'm not speaking monetary. Speaking on how he handles himself. So what is he not doing to create that ocean?! And he explains that eventually brought it up. She got embarrassed and eventually opened up that she always had that issue. 

So ladies and gentlemen. Let's talk about it. Sex is most certainly an act that will make you vulnerable and open. If that person is significant enough to have you then you should be able to have this type of conversation with them. 

Yes, that is a very touchy subject. However, it is something that needs to be said. Because my love, that rubbing dry on dry. GEESH! That shit will hurt a n**ga and YOU. So, What are you doing?! Or at least make sure that you come over to his place lubed the fuck up! 

The way he expressed the desire to mutually enjoy the act, left me with the impression that guys will be okay with those of us not being able to create that ocean they envision. And if they cannot. The talk, lube and just openness will further add and improve their level of intimacy.

Whether you guys are just hooking up or in a relationship. Sex should be enjoyable and pleasurable. So lets have a "chat" about what I like and you. What has turned you on and such. At that point you can say this makes me wet or when you.... really turns me on. If its a medical/personal issue and you feel comfortable expressing, say it. The thing is guys are thinking it. They notice. Might as well speak what makes you feel good and he will appreciate it. Because that shit turns them on. They will then take this information and quadruple the effect in order to get a greater reaction ;)  

Goddesses, being able to lubricate ourselves or not does not take away from our femininity.Nor does it take away from our sexual experiences as long as its addressed. Address it or not, just make sure that you do find the means to moisturize your temple. YOUR PUSSY IS GOLDEN. Treat it as so! Give it facials, clean it in a manner that it feels like a sacred ritual. Because it truly is. Sing to her ;) and speak to her. And most importantly listen to Her. 

Things that could help:

  • Relax her, romance her. Bring the passion to a point that she explodes!
  • Lube, lube, lube. I prefer coconut oil. Its clean, no scent, doesn't dry up, all natural and is an antibacterial agent (that's a mighty oil). Or water based because it mimics natural lubrication.
  • Give her an old school, r&b playing, light some candles type of energy and massage her. Start realllll soft. Rub her neck, her shoulders, down to her back, come up massage her arms. all of it. All the way to her fingers. Come back to her shoulders. Kiss them. Just a touch. Now add a little bit of pressure. That's it. All the way to her lower back. Work that. Make sure YOU'VE lubed your hands the fuck up. I want you to be gliding up and down her back! Yessss. Just work your rhythm. Feel her energy. Her reaction to your touch. What does she need? Not too fast though. We working her the fuck up today.....
  • Toys. Don't be afraid to introduce toys to the bedroom. It's all in your delivery. Let them know that toys adds suspense, laughter (the good kind) and excitement to your lovemaking. They intensify the sensations she will feel applied by YOU. This leads to her becoming WET for YOU. Win, win.
  • Have her play with herself in front of you. Tell her you want to see how she makes herself cum. That makes me wet thinking about it (oh my). 
  • Have her sit on your face (self explanatory)
  • "Vagina Steaming" have been known to help with the natural lubrication of a woman. Vaginal Steaming is an age-old natural remedy known to cleanse, hydrate and regulate your PH balance. Steaming removes the toxins in your body. It can also tighten the vagina and increase libido.   Hubba Hubba ;)

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