Is Sex chemically based?!

Not so long ago I posted a picture of a considerate amount of pubic hair on a female on our Instagram and boy did the dm's become flooded with input from both male and female! But the one thing that stood out the most was scents! It made me want to know more, ask, research and inquire.

I mean we are internal beasts aren't we?! We are programmed to hunt, capture and ravish our prey, so does this also include the bedroom?? It could. Since primitive times, we are naturally attracted to certain scents. And yes, that does play into our sexuality as well. We bathe with bath gels & bombs, we use oils and different scents with the desire to attract our intended lover, and others even enjoy revealing their nature aroma. There's even a lane for the sale of used underwear! So most definitely sex is chemically based. Scents are pheromones.

It's what awakens our inner beast! 

Now what was even more compelling was a particular input from someone who stated that each ethnic group has a different vaginal scent! Very interesting dm I must say, but I will leave that one for another read ;)

Moving on. Panty sniffers are looking for that scent and when you do find it, it turns that lover even hungrier, hornier, making the sex even more sensual! More desirable. I would say the same for a man! There's nothing sexier than a man that knows exactly what scents work for him and even a little sweat never hurt anyone! 

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