Say Exactly How You Like It!

There is nothing worse than a lover that doesn’t know what they are doing, but perhaps its because you aren’t expressing WHAT and HOW YOU Like It. And granted that party needs to be open into being taught as well. There is nothing wrong with expressing your wants and needs to your lover, especially your sexual ones. How else will you the two of you be in-tune with each other?!

What you see in sex scenes in movies honey are well scripted and rehearsed. I’m not saying you can’t have amazingly good sex sessions, but what develops with time and understanding of each other’s bodies and desires is pure ecstasy and bliss. 

Expressing your thoughts, fetishes and fantasies is exactly what your lover needs to hear. Some will be surprised to hear what you have to say, others will clutch their pearls, while a few will want exactly that and MORE. Don’t you want your lover to excite you in every desired way, to match your thirst for sexual gratification, you’ll never know unless you speak them into existence. There could be a “I may not be able to do that, but I’m willing to do this” or “Could we work towards that?” and that’s okay. Because that is progress. We got time baby!

These types of talks will save a relationship, it may even prevent your significant other from seeking those things with someone else. Because what you won’t do someone else will! That is a hard pill to swallow, but swallow that shit anyway 😉


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