We are currently in an era where women are finally embracing their sexuality. We are no longer waiting on anyone. Woman or man! We are running corporations, households. We are literally running nations! Although we are taught not to show weakness, we are also expected to be soft and pink. We in turn show who’s boss, make ourselves cum and then call Uber 💨💨💨

We are no longer waiting on the ring, we have realized we are the ring, we are the diamond. Reach down real slow. Give your Pussy a loving pat let Her know how bad that bitch is! 

There are women who have no idea just how strong our pussy power truly is, or maybe they were never taught. Darling, take back the control and pussy hypnotize your lover!

The longer time a man/woman spends eating a woman’s fruit, a sweet nectar like chemical is excreted called “copulin” that causes your lover to fall deeply in love with you. Now it doesn’t just happen with this act. No Love, you must be in tune with your inner goddess.  You must have the right knowledge of mind and spirit. And through your knowledge of self, you will channel your desires, needs, and wishes through your love making. Become one, vibrate with your lover through your love making moans, your thoughts and energy will resonate ✨✨💫

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