While I don’t advise using lubricant for penetrative sex in general (since women already have lubrication as their natural arousal response… And you don’t see guys popping Viagra every time they’re about to have sex), it’s always good to have a water based lubricant and/or coconut oil on hand for when you want to get slippery. Why coconut oil? Why use lube? When should you use each one? Read on.

Water based lubricant is great for: having sex with latex condoms, anal sex.

Coconut oil is great for: massage, manual stimulation, vaginal intercourse (yes, it’s safe, unless you’re especially prone to yeast infections, then steer clear), masturbation, lubricant for toys, anal sex.

Why can’t you just use coconut oil for everything? The reason you don’t want to use coconut oil for condom’ed sex is that oil can break down latex… and broken condoms kind of defeat the purpose of using condoms.

Plus many water based lubricants (even if they’re listed as unscented) still smell plasticy. When you use coconut oil for non-condom’ed sex it smells like you’re having sex with the beach! Which is a great thing, even when you love the smell of your lover’s natural scent.

My all-time favorite brand of water based lubricant is JO Water Based Lubricant (which you can here on the site), and my all-time favorite brand of coconut oil i our very own "J for Jezebel" Organic Coconut Oil!

***Note that nothing and I mean nothing is sexier than foreplay that starts with a massage and of course a good lubricant comes in handy!

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