Erectile Dysfunction and Creative Ways to Enjoy Sex with Your Partner

Many sex toys are not designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). However, some of them offer ways in which men can experience sexual pleasure, such as through vibratory stimulation. Other products enable a man to sustain an erection suitable for coital sex, or change the way his erection feels.

ED should not be ignored and you should seek medical advice from your GP if you think you may have symptoms of ED. It can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Once the cause of ED has been established, either as a physical problem, such as heart disease, or as a psychological problem as a result of stress, being overweight, over consumption of alcohol or lack of exercise, you can experiment with sex toys to help overcome symptoms of ED. Sex toys will not treat the cause of ED but can help you experience sexual pleasure and arousal. Unlike medication, sex toys are completely harmless when used correctly and can be fun. They are even better when incorporated into sex play with a partner. There are many sex toys you can share with your partner too.

If you experience difficulty in getting an erection and want penetrative sex, you can always strap on a prosthesis over your penis. Some can be attached by straps around the waist and tops of thighs and others are hollow dildos that slips over the penis and attach by a strap that extends around the scrotum.

A “strap-on dildo” is a product that secures a dildo against your body, so you can use it without holding on to it. It allows you to use whatever size dildo you wish. Although you may need some imagination to use these products, couples can still enjoy intense sexual pleasure even when having an erection is not possible.

Sensual Touch does wonders for the soul and mind, most importantly.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it, like an orgasm, can trigger the release of feel-good hormones as well as the bonding hormone oxytocin. So take advantage of that ability and touch your partner often with bare skin contact. 

Lying close to each other naked can be all it takes to help your body experience similar hormonal responses to those you feel during sex, not an orgasm, but feelings of sensual pleasure. Importantly, this provides a manner of physical bonding when penetrative sex isn’t an option too.

Whichever direct you take, do what feels best for yourself and your partner. Listen to each others needs and meet halfway ;) 

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