Don't Lose Your Mojo!

Being a New Yorker, one is literally in a race against the clock. And at times there's simply not enough hours in the day for one to truly get it all done, especially for those who are running households, full time jobs, maybe you're also a student. It can get overwhelming and wait throw in that you gotta keep it hot, sexy and sultry for your lover too (oh my). My advise: Organization, to-do lists, prepping, being spontaneous (yeah it helps) and complete communication whether big or small. This will keep the flame alive and at times spark one that's either dimming or out! And trust that doing these things will give you an hour at least to get it in 😉

First no matter what in life whether you're in tune with your responsibilities or you wing it. You really have to find and maintain some sort of order. Me I have sticky notes and I also have them in my notes on my phone. So yes: list on list, hey keeps my mental and the household straight. Next, Prepping. This goes hand in hand with keeping up with yourself (Men & Women). Do not fall into wearing whatever is clean around the house and outside the house! You have to make sure that you keep up with yourself, and to be honest this has nothing to do with your significant other it has everything to do with YOU and how you will feel. Something sexy, doesn't have to show a lot because you should tease! Hair doesn't have to come straight from the salon (I'm a natural girl, so there you go with that one). Just take a look at yourself, turn yourself on with your reflection, and that in turn will reflect in all you do! Continuing with prepping: whether its dinner, snacks, even your gym bag or the kids going around bag. You cannot and should not wing this one. It'll keep you sane when you're out and may even gain time at the end of the night (or a quickie while the kids are entertained). Note: If you're a parent this could be anytime of the day, damn it take it (it can save a relationship)!

Ladies, sometimes there's no time to freshen up and there's a lot of men & women that hate when we stop and say "Wait, let me go freshen up." It truly kills the moment. If your lover is kissing, desiring you, and going for it. Do Not Stop It. If you take care of yourself, you will be fine. Your lover wants to sniff you, wants to taste you just the way God intended you to be. That scent will turn them the fuck on even more! And you are also losing time (welp). Moments like those are precious!!!!! And sidebar: Men don't freshen up either we want to smell you too! 👅

We go on our day with everyday challenges and stress, allow your lover to show you just how much they missed you! 

Now couples who have been together a long time; whether you have children, retirees or truly invested in your career. You have to have a date night at least twice a month! Mandatory. It doesn't have to be pricey, you could order in or even cook at home. Make a table on the floor, feed each other and end up on each other. Or maybe meet up in the garage whatever it takes. Switch it up so its exciting, and even funny. Because if you can't laugh/giggle with your significant other during sex, Is it even good?! Laughter is good for the soul! And keeps it spontaneous and refreshing (hence keeps the flame going). Wait back to being spontaneous: Send your lover love notes (could be notes left in the car, lunch bag, or even the bathroom mirror if they leave after you do), voice clips are a fave of mine send that sexy motherfucker a voice clip of you letting them know how hot you are for them! Or even go to the bathroom at work and snap a sexy photo of yourself. Each time should be something a little different, and doesn't even have to be sexual. Just a simple reminder of "Hey, You Matter!" Thinking Of You....

Communication: Communicate and LISTEN. Take in what the person is saying. Write it down if you have to. If they are having a hard day, week, month, do something special for that person. If you have extra time in your schedule, pick up the groceries or do the dishes. Maybe cook dinner. Just a little something goes a long way. Something out of the norm will brighten their day. 

With communication also comes with understanding what that person likes and doesn't. And again it does not always have to do with sex, but that person will cum harder when you do right. So listen, talk and absorb.

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