Anal. Yay or Nay?

Whether you're curious, a beginner or a rough rider, anal is an experience that requires both mental and physical preparation. This goes for both female and male that are penetrated. Again through my extensive research (winky face) I have been informed that most gay men will cleanse themselves in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Now I have surveyed my female friends who state that they usually go full throttle and just go with it. Interesting!

But here's the thing, it hurts! No matter the enjoyment after the initial shock, it is an uncomfortable entry way. So why do we (females) do it? Well after taking a few polls I concluded the following data: A high percentage explained that their partner desired it and others were only able to achieve orgasms through anal penetration solely (now that we will blog on another day because orgasms are hard enough so fully through that experience wow mind boggling). Either we have made them wait long enough, its a special occasion or a very drunk night! Either way ladies, it takes a lot of mental pep talk. Because as we all know that "entry way" is a tight one! And that is precisely why the men in our lives love the back door!

So lube the fuck up, relax, and breathe baby breathe. Anytime I am having a painful experience (Brazilians, threading, tattoos, etc..) I think of the beach, I envision palm trees, the sand on my skin, I can even taste the salt in the air. Laugh if you want, however visual thoughts and just talking yourself through in "soft in your head conversation" may help you too. Especially when you're about to be pounded out by a considerable size meat package in your rear end.

Too much? Never, I mean we are discussing anal by the way. 

So back to the soft talk, maybe a drink or even a lil cannabis. Try not to be wasted ladies the experience will be better for the both of you. You may turn into a full-on porn star and scare the crap outta him LOL! Perhaps soft music, a nice deep massage on your lower back as he rubs himself against you slowly. Or maybe he's already inside of you just in the "norm hole" while slowly opening you up with his fingers.

Do whatever works for you ladies, just remember to relax and enjoy the experience. You may actually end up asking for it!  

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